Why Legs, Feet and Shoes?

Why do you paint the Legs, Feet and Shoes?

I paint the legs, feet and shoes because I've always liked how they are always full of mystery, enticement and intrigue by having a that degree of anonymity. I think it's interesting how there has always been a great focus and even attraction to the female legs and feet, for societies around the world. And it's made all the more stranger that the legs and feet are both considered non-erogenous parts of the human body and biologically in structure there isn't any significant difference between the legs and feet of women to men.

I've always been fascinated by the attraction of both men and women to high heels, stockings and other related garments of the legs or feet. It has been said that a woman becomes and feels far more feminine, elegant and even empowered by simply putting on a pair of heels or by altering the appearance of her legs. This is something that men can and will never be able achieve so effectively with their own legs so as a result, it only makes the fact that a woman can change so much about herself and personality, by simply changing the appearance of her legs.

The one aim that I have with these paintings is to achieve a degree of anonymity and mystery. I never like to paint or promote anything obscene, so I try to create characters that are more regular, usual, average and everyday in situations that perhaps are only slightly exaggerated from the normal.

Although many of these artworks are anonymous, it has been the case that some are based on 'real' people or have been created as commission paintings.

Please email legavthorpe@ymail.com if you have any questions or would like to know more about any of the paintings featured on this website.

Legs, Feet and Shoes Poems

Throughout my career as a painter and during the times in between painting sessions, I create fun and witty little poems and limericks, that are all written in keeping with the same theme as my artworks; the legs, feet and shoes.

Here is a little collection that I've put together:

Brand New Man

I am her brand new man,
but can only do what I can,
her needs are too large,
she's always in charge,
yet I'm still her number one fan.

I Love to Wear High Heels

I love to wear her high heels,
but she doesn't realise how it feels,
she thought I were strange,
so now for a change,
 I have to pay for her footwear bills.

Beautiful Pair of Hose

She was wearing the ones I chose,
the most beautiful pair of hose,
but she almost forgot,
that her feet were hot,
when she made me suck her toes!

She Said That You Liked Feet!

We were being very lazy,
watching all the trash on t.v.,
when suddenly out of the blue,
she turned and said to me...
Are you feeling rather kinky,
or would you like to have a treat?
I've spoken to your ex-girlfriend
and she said that you liked feet!
Well... I didn't know what to say
and I really didn't want to lie,
because this thing I have for feet,
is something that I just can't deny.
So I simply asked for her foot
and she wiggled all of her little toes,
but then, as for what happened next...
That's something that no-one else knows!

Only in France

There are many things you can do,
when it comes to finding who's who,
but it's only in France,
do they after the dance
have to drink the Champagne from her shoe!

High Heels so High

She wears her heels so high,
that she can almost touch the sky,
if she falls down,
without making a frown,
she just gives it another try.

Dirty Deals

I did some dirty deals,
like selling all her heels,
but I knew I did bad
when she got so mad
that she made me get my meals on wheels!

Last Night's Date

It was after a date last night,
when she gave me quite a fright,
she had this look in her eye,
when she kicked her leg high,
that her shoe flew off and knocked out the light!

Pale as Chalk

We went for a little walk
and had a little talk,
although she was fine
and looked totally divine,
her legs were as pale as chalk!

Stop Being Silly

She thinks that I'm a twit
and I have a terrible wit,
If I act silly,
she puts her foot on my willy
and watches me yell as she squashes it!

I Loved Cheese

She said that we should meet
and asked what I liked to eat,
I said I loved cheese,
so she said then please,
take off my shoes and massage my feet.

I am a Shrunken Guy

I am a shrunken guy,
but please don't ask me why?
Sometimes I'm mad,
but often I'm sad
that everyday it makes me cry.

When She Dangles A Shoe.

She was sitting there smiling,
whilst dangling a shoe.
I was sitting there quietly,
not knowing what to do.
Then suddenly with a thud,
her shoe hit the floor.
And being full of excitement,
I had to do more.
So I leaped from my seat,
whilst reaching for her shoe.
She looked at me puzzled,
wondering what I would do.
Then as I lifted that shoe,
and gave it a quick sniff.
It was rather a sweet smell,
with a strong feminine whiff.
Then with a smile she said,
'when you are done...
I hope you enjoyed that,
because here's the other one!'

Her Bum Slightly Jiggles

As she walks she wiggles
and her bum slightly jiggles.
Although she's not mine,
she's totally divine,
so that gives my willy the tingles!

She Wanted These Shoes

It was just another day,
where she was having her own way,
she gave me some clues,
that she wanted these shoes,
but the thing was that I had to pay.

You Know

You know the girl that fits the shoe,
is the girl you want for you!

The Confession

I have something to reveal
and I have to tell you this thing,
it's a great secret of mine,
so I hope you are listening.
You know how it is sometimes hard,
to separate pleasure from pain,
well, it's the same if you have a fetish,
it can be very difficult to explain.
You know I'm not that strange,
although I'm jolly, happy and gay,
so if you asked me to suck your toes,
then you'll turn me on and I just may.
If I asked you one little thing,
or made just one last wish,
please be kind and don't freak out,
because I have a foot fetish!

Surely She Knows

She wants hope, compassion or love
or perhaps all of the above,
but surely she knows
when I suck her toes
that we go together like a hand in a glove.

 Treat Me So Cruel

Whenever I'm with you,
we do what you want to.
 As I'm so small,
you treat me so cruel,
and put me in your smelly shoe!

Interesting facts about the Legs and Feet

Did You Know... 

- The bones in the legs are the longest and strongest in the human body.

- The strongest muscles in the human body are found in the legs.

- The feet together contain 52 bones (66 joints) which is 25% (one quarter) of all of the bones within the human skeleton which is made of 206 bones.

- The feet contain apocrine sweat glands that produce pheromones that are identical to those released by the glands of the genitalia.

- Toe nails grow at half the speed of finger nails.

- The skin on the soles of the feet is forty times thicker that that on the rest of the body.

- Foot partialism or fetishism is considered the most common sexual fetish.

- There are 125,000 sweat glands on each foot.

- The first announced and demonstrated nylon stockings to the public was at the New York World's Fair in 1939.

- One foot contains more than 120 muscles, ligaments, and nerves

-  The layer of fat that creates the streamlined feminine curves on a pair of female legs is believed to not only act as protection against the cold, but also from many minor ailments and is also believed to contribute towards longevity.

- Most artists struggle with and therefore avoid drawing or painting the hands and feet.

- The average person takes 9,000 steps every day and in their entire lifetime walks the circumference of the earth 3.5 times.

- Shoe making dates back to 10,000 BC

- The first high heel shoes date back to ancient Greece where some were up to 6 inches high!

- In China it used to be a custom to throw one of the bride's shoes onto the roof on the couple's wedding night to insure marital bliss, love and harmony.

- It used to be a custom for the father of the bride to give his daughter's shoes to the groom as a sign of her leaving his house forever.

- Tying shoes to a newly wed couple's car is thought to bring them fertility.  

-  In Great Britain & Ireland shoe sizes are measured in barleycorn units, the US & Canada use inches for shoe size measurement and throughout Europe shoes are measured using the system called Paris point (⅔ centimetre or 6.6 mm).

All poems are © copyright L. E. Gav Thorpe 2014. No use of such writings is permitted without prior permission from the writer L. E. Gav Thorpe. If you wish to use any poem featured above please contact L. E. Gav Thorpe at legavthorpe@ymail.com.