Who is L. E. Gav Thorpe?

The painter with the paintings of the legs, feet and shoes (with or without a funny shrunken man)

My name is Gavin Thorpe, although I am more commonly known as L. E. Gav Thorpe and I am a humorous figurative oil based artist specialising in exclusively painting the legs, feet and shoes. Many of the works that I create feature high heels, stockings, sandals and other related items, however I am more known for including in many of my paintings a small shrunken man, very often found to be in difficult or comedic situations. In the odd case where there might be faces or more of a person than just their legs, I try to simplify the facial features or conceal part of their face in some way, as I always prefer to make these subjects remain anonymous. I've always enjoyed the saucy things in life, so I try to create paintings that have the same fun, saucy and slight kinky feel.

The one aim that I have with these paintings is to achieve that degree of intrigue and mystery by creating characters that are more regular, usual and everyday in situations that perhaps are only slightly exaggerated from the norm.

I was born on 11th November in the city of Brighton on the south coast and grew up in the nearby small town of Lewes. I began painting at an amateur level in 2006 and turned professional in 2011 with the current theme of the legs, feet and shoes. Many of my paintings depict women in the more dominant position and the man in the more submissive or even shrunken to being roughly the same height of the heel of her shoes.

When creating these artworks, I draw from my past experiences and training in the world of commercial art, design, advertising, marketing, illustration and digital image manipulation. Most of my paintings can be found on a variety of sized canvases and even on non-traditional materials such as recycled paper, boards, panels and wood.

"Internationally Collected, Internationally Represented
with Global Appeal"

Summary of Current Achievements
Exhibited at the Sikkema Jenkins & Co Gallery, The Rochester Contemporary Art Center, The Lewes Foundry Gallery, The Spinach Centre, The Duke of York's Picturehouse, Billboard Art Display for the Art Moves Festival, Embracing Our Differences International Billboard Exhibit, The Luhring Augustine Gallery and The Paddock Art Studios.
Also featured in The Daily Mirror, The Sussex Express, Your County and on BBC TV and Radio, News10NBC and in The Sparkling Stars and BikinyGirls - Bikini and Fetish Magazine.
Artworks are now owned by collectors around the world including the USA, UK, Germany and France. Works are now collected by the romantic poet Paris Grey, the model Natalia Secret and pop star Lady Gaga and have also been used in the music videos of DJ Gus.

A full C.V. can be made available on request for any galleries or collectors seeking further information. For commission works please email photos, images and ideas to legavthorpe@ymail.com.

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