Sides painted in Deep Black

What does Sides painted in Deep Black Mean?

You may have noticed that beside the dimentions of each painting there is always written "No need for framing. Sides painted in Deep Black". This just simply means that the edges of the canvas are painted in a deep black acrylic paint and since the paintings are on pre-stretched gallery wrapped Canvases (both Deep Edge with a 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) edge and Standard Edge with a 3/4 inch (2 cm) edge) it allows for the painting to be hung immediately, rather than requiring a frame.This also not only protects the edges from possible damage but also acts as a frame in itself, which makes the hanging of a painting much easier and gives a more slick, minimalistic and stylish look, that will suit any decor or colour

If however a frame is preferred, that stll isn't a problem, since the black edges do not interfere at all with the full framing process*.

This obviously isn't the case with paintings on panels, paper, card, canvas paper or boards, since they have no edge to be painted in black, so these will require framing.** This is always taken into consideration when pricing.

All artworks will be strung before dispatch and will be sent with appropriate fixings and hanging cord already attached. No additional costs will be added to the final price for this service. Panel paintings on card, board, wood and canvas paper will always be sent as they are, so additional framing and display needs may be required.

All of the paintings on this website are from the front or of the painting face

So here is what the edges painted in black look like.

For this example I've used the painting
'How To Make A Man Blush'.

Face on Front View

Left View

Top View

Right View

All of the paintings are always signed with the title, date and signature upon completion.

Title and Date

*Please note that when you purchase a painting from this site it will only have the black acyclic edges painted - No frame will be supplied with that purchase. If you decide that after purchasing a panting that you would prefer a frame, that is your responsibility.
**Panels, boards or paintings on Paper or Card will be sold as is. Once again if you decide that after purchasing a panting that you would prefer a frame, that is your responsibility.