Reviews and Comments

This is a collection of some of the fantastic comments and feedback that I have received from fans and professionals from all over the world.

 Praise from Around the World...

 "I think your work is excellent!"
Peter Flood - The Daily Mirror, UK

"I think you've carved out a nice personal niche here with your thematic material. 
Not so much fetish feel as 'man's place is under her heel.'"
Charles Jones - Austin, Texas, USA based acrylic artist and automatic drawer

 "We really like your works, they look really amazing!!!
We are really excited to be working with you.
Ceri Thomas - EN1Prints, UK

"Very very beautiful painting!"
 Natalia Secret - Miami, Florida, USA based erotic model and actress

"I absolutely love what you are doing - your work is elevated, unique, and creative."
 Connie Kim - VIDA, San Francisco, USA

"Beautiful Art! It makes me smile!"
 Queen - The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands Artist and Photographer

"I absolutely admire all your paintings. 
They always put a smile on my face as they represent feminine strength and 
confidence in a coyish and amusing non-agressive way.
You are amazing! You rule!!! As us Americans would say!
 Eliza Grenzebach - Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, USA based art collector

"Love your exceptional work! Very unique and clever."
 Rory Trankler - Nabaroo Corp., USA.

"I greatly admire your work and love the humour and wit that goes with it!"
 Dan Wellington - Landscape artist and founder of Artistsuncovered.com, UK.

"Your paintings breathe a very unique and wonderful style"
 Jacqui Faye - Texas, USA based artist and creator of Red Shoes Daily

":) lovely work"
 Rachel Rose (Fanny's Your Artist!) - Lincolnshire, UK based artist

"That is a fantastic bit of art - wow."
 Marina Coffey - Dublin, Ireland based artist

"Your paintings deffo stand out IMMO.. not only for the subject, but also for the style! 
All the best from Italy! "
 Renatus Feetosopher - Mantua, Italy based Barefoot Glamour Photographer

"Brilliant! You specialise in a subject that most find difficult to draw; 
the hands and feet."
Mike Moore - London, UK based award winning photographer

"Nice work ! I love the colors, and also what you represent."
Melvin Zahitovic - Digital Artist based in France

"Love your legs! Paintings I meant!"
Mary Vargas - Sicklerville , New Jersey, USA based Painter and Designer

"I enjoyed your work and found it interesting!
I wish you every success in the future
 Daniela Di-Benedetto - Paperlink, UK

"Super! Very distinctive works of legs and feet."
Amy Hutson - Your County, UK

"I like your work. Very unique."
Dean Mitchell - Hollywood, LA, USA based artist and painter

"What unusual subjects you paint!"
Cam Schroder - Queensland, Australia based artist and criminal lawyer

"We would like to wish you every success with your work"
Ben Edmonds - artrepublic, Brighton, UK

"Nice Art!"
Danny Gee - San Francisco, CA, USA based sexual fantasy actor as human furniture

"Fun gallery! Love the paintings, and that they are oils is fantastic!"
Julie SweetCheeks - London, UK based photographer and artist

"Great paintings!"
Lisa Jane Garton - Lewes, Sussex, UK based oil painter specialising in Poker scenes

"Your artwork is very interesting"
Emma Hughes - Country Life Magazine, UK

"Your work is fresh and innovative!!!"
 Pawel Kuc - Cracovia, Poland based graphic designer and freelancer

 Paolo - Italian Artist and Design student

"Your images are lovely!"
 Tory Roberts - Woodmansterne Publications, UK

"Your drawings are fantastic"
 ttoyman6 - Member of deviantart.com, UK based

"I think your work is amazing!!!"
Miguel Lopez Vigil - Clínica Podológica M.L. Vigil , Gijón, Asturias, Spain

"We love your work!"
Marketa Musilova - BikinyGirls, Czech Republic
"Very interesting job your painting!!"
Anna Dream Feet - Villa Nueva, Guatemala based foot model

"I like your work and you must be a leg fan of women.
I wish you a lot of success.
Bob Patterson - La Conner, Washington, USA based fine artist

"Love your work, it's in step with the times!"
Ingrid Schneider - Sydney, Australia based artist 

"I love your work! How unique and splendid!"
Ashley Elizabeth - Crossville, Tennessee, USA based artist

"Nice work, looks fun!"
Alex Leith - Viva Brighton, UK

"Wow.. Great excellent work... Keep creating more & inspire!"
Shubha Biju - New Delhi, India based oil painter and artist.

"You are amazing! Yours works are amazing!"
Agnieszka Brzęcka - Art Moves Festival, Poland

"I think it's really cool you expressing your fetishes on canvas. 
I applaud that."
Justin Jenkins - American surrealist and abstract artist

"Your art is VERY interesting!"
Maureen McCarthy - Artplode (www.artplode.com)

"You seem like a real character... In a good way of course."
 Roger Braimon - New York, USA based professional artist and designer

"Very Nice Artworks!"
Siham Sabagh - Barranquilla, Columbia based artist 

"What wonderful pictures! 
Gavin’s technique and use of colour reminds many of his customers 
of the works of David Hockney."
Susan King - Sussex Express, England

"What an achievement!"
David Sale - Sussex Express, England

"I love your work, especially the ones with the little guy in them!"
Luna Tides - South African based artist, photographer and foot model

"How awesome man- I love the unique style.
Who doesn't love legs??
Heath Armstrong - Interviewer and Founder of Artrepreneur Now

"Looks Great!"
Megan Charland - Rochester Contemporary Art Center, USA

"You have a unique style of painting."
Tara Newton-Wordsworth - London, UK based Actor, Singer, Director and Writer

"I really like the motif in these paintings.
Very evocative."
Apollo Frey - South African professional designer and artist

"Nice Work!"
Anne Lacy - Chicago, Illinois, USA based fine artist

"Interesting selection of images and we enjoyed looking at them!"
Fiona Ross - Phoenix Trading, England, UK

 Collette Goodwin - The Paddock Art Studios, Sussex, England, UK

"Your paintings reflect the true power shift over the past 30-years. 
Great way to teach survival skills to young men."
Carl Devine - San Francisco, California, USA based artist

"I like your art so much! Bravo!"
Willemot Mdominique - French creative painter and artist

"Cool work. :D"
Eamon Reilly - Finea, Westmeath, Ireland based fine artist

"I think our readers would find you very interesting as we 
haven't featured work like yours before"
Steph Temple - Magnet Magazine, UK

"Interesting, original artwork."
Hubert - Australian based fan of these artworks

"Delightful work!"
 Anita Cunningham - Augusta, Georgia, USA based artist

"I am really fascinated by your work!"
 Jackie Blackwell - Interim Project Manager, Lewes District Council, UK

"The paintings are wonderful!"
 Josh Mossotti - Saxifrage Press, Los Angeles, California, USA

"Great artwork :-)"
 Claire Kirtland - The Hive, Sussex, England, UK

"Love your paintings, love shoes so how can i not love them!"
 Maren Jeskanen - Pori, Finland based artist

"Interesting work! :)"
 Jennifer Hillier - Portsmouth, UK based artist

"Really Gorgeous Scenes! Excellent work & Really Beautiful Care on Details"
 John Cappello - New York, USA based artist 

"Wow, splendid artwork my friend! I love it! Great painting indeed."
 Solefriend - Belgium based Artist & Digital Art creator.

"Your paintings are very interesting and completely original"
Barbara Walters - Hop Gallery, Sussex, England, UK

"These look great!"
Peter Bushell - Sussex, UK based artist

 "You are an exceptionally talented artist!"
 Paris Grey - London, UK based author and erotic poet

"Your art and blog are wonderful!!"
Elizabeth D. - Founder of www.mommiesfeet.com, USA

 "Really like your work, very different!!"
 Valerie Abell - Killenard, County Laois, Ireland based artist

"I like your paintings, they're very humorous. You know
you're a lot like the English artist Beryl Cook"
Ted Fusby - Arizona, USA based artist and oil painter
"Nice painting, love the feminine colors.
 Love the straits your little hommunculi finds himself in."
Carl Nelson - Seattle, USA based play-writer/ photographer and poet

"spitze :-)"
 Ilse Schill - Wilhering, Austria based artist and oil painter

"Your style is very urban,
you're a lot like that Scottish painter Vetrianno!"
Martin Bentley - Sussex, UK based artist

What You've Been Saying...

"Nice oil painting! You're like Andy Warhol. He had a thing for shoes in his early art too."

"I must say that your style is amazing!"

"Very original & beautiful paintings indeed!"

"Awesome painting all around: subject matter; colors; subtle wrinkle lines; and negative space all make these works a winner!"

"You're very similar to Andy Warhol, he also had a fascination with high heels!"

"What beautiful artwork you do. Your unique, sensual style and interesting themes are great!"

"I love your simple yet expressive work and the themes you portray are most interesting."

"I love your art so much: thematically and visually.
Very lively and interesting to look at. 
The vibrant colors with the unusual (but definitely sexy) themes are a lot of fun. 
You definitely pick intriguing themes."

"I love your paintings of legs and shoes, I wish they were real so that I could reach out and touch them"

"Delightful paintings!"

"Impressive job you have done, I really respect you as an artist, your work is great."

"Wow, I've never seen so many paintings of feet in my life"

"You're very good at what you do!"

"I love your beautiful paintings! Congratulations, you're really talented! 
And I love the concept as well."

"I must say that your style is amazing! Really great gallery."

"Aren't you a strange painter ... In a world with cultures
obsessed by the Breasts and Faces you focus on
the other end of the body

"Your work is very enjoyable"

"Awesome work! I love how you do your oil paintings."

"You do certainly create very funny and humorous paintings"

"This painting style is very unique and original, you have something here that may 
make you the next Warhol or Picasso"

"I feel that it's right to call you: L. E. Gav Thorpe the
leg man Number #1!

"Very simple and evocative designs. I like it very much!"

"Loving this!"

"Wow! Now that was different art paintings for me to see......
Thanks, Love them all. Great job!"

"Great paintings of shoes - This is very cool!"

"Nice use of composition, nice work!"

"I really enjoy the small man/big woman foot pictures that you posted. 
My boyfriend has a huge fetish for such things, and according to him, it's hard to 
find quality art with this particular subject."

"They don't come much better than you, when it comes to 
painting the legs, feet and shoes."

"Great Art - I Love it!"


Thank you so much for all of your comments and compliments
I really do appreciate all of your feedback.

If you would like to add a comment to this page please email me at legavthorpe@ymail.com.
I do try to add all new comments to this list as soon as possible after they have been received.

I do not include the names in in the lower section of this page in respect of their privacy and due to copyright infringement. 
All comments have been genuinely received.