Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't featured on this list or just would like to know more, please email me at legavthorpe@ymail.com

Q. Are these paintings for sale and how much do they cost?

A. Yes, all of these paintings are for sale and can be purchase online. The price for each painting is different due to the differences in size, quality, complexity, however all original artworks are priced between £49 - £350 (Equivalent to $78 - $560 US Dollars).
Please email legavthorpe@ymail.com if you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings on this website.

Any painting that has already been sold will be marked NOW OWNED by whoever it may be, after where the price is displayed.

Q. If I purchase a painting, do I have the right not to be mentioned on your site?

A. Absolutely! I will completely respect your wishes and privacy if you wish to remain anonymous.
If this is the case, I will just add NOW OWNED by a private collector

Q. What if a painting is due to be displayed at a gallery?

A. Some paintings may be being exhibited at a gallery, store, auction house or museum etc. Any painting that is due to be displayed will usually be marked as TO BE DISPLAYED where ever it may be. Other details about how to purchase and view the painting will usually also be added. Or alternatively if the painting is due to be auctioned you will see TO BE AUCTIONED where ever it may be. Further details will normally be added and updates on what happened at the auction on the day will usually be added later. Once the painting has sold it will then be marked as NOW OWNED by whoever it may be in the same way as above.

If however the painting doesn't sell at the event, auction or exhibition it will be marked as PREVIOUSLY DISPLAYED where ever it may be or as PREVIOUSLY AUCTIONED where ever it may be, and as a result, the painting will go back on sale and can be purchased through this site in the same way as any other painting.

Q. How do I order a painting?

A. Ordering a painting is easy. Just simply send an email to legavthorpe@ymail.com with the title of the painting you are interested in purchasing. All original artworks are priced between £49 - £350 (Equivalent to $78 - $560 US Dollars).

Q. Why should I buy a painting?

A. To buy a painting from this site is 100% safe, very easy and you can always guarantee that you will own a true original authentic one-of-a-kind oil painting to will act as a beautiful focal point of any room. It's a chance to own a painting that will also act as a great investment opportunity, that will gradually grow in value over the years to come. Viewing paintings online is one thing, but by owning the genuine hand-painted original, you will most certainly have something that no other artist creates. Plus all original artworks are priced at a great value between £49 - £350 (Equivalent to $78 - $560 US Dollars).

Q. Will I receive proof of purchasing with my order?

A. You will do indeed. I do know that the provenance of a painting (in other words, the history, ownership and journey of a painting though time) is extremely important when trading and purchasing artworks, which is why I will supply a full detailed invoice with all purchasing details upon purchase. This invoice will be signed and dated by myself L. E. Gav Thorpe.

Q. Can I pay for a painting in instalments?

A. Yes, an instalment or payment plan can be arranged to be paid on a regular basis for any works over £200 (Equivalent to $304). To arrange this, simply follow the steps in the last question and state in the email that you wish to pay in instalments. Once all details are confirmed, I will send you a Paypal Invoice in the same way with the agreed amount to be paid on a regular basis of either weekly or monthly. Once the full amount has been paid, I will send the painting to you the following day.

Q. Do you sell prints of your works?

A. Yes, I've teamed up with EN1 Prints Ltd. who professionally turn original artworks into high quality wall prints, that can all be personalised to your needs. EN1 Prints is currently based in Enfield, North London, UK and sell prints globally. Their website is http://www.en1prints.co.uk

Q. I don't have a Paypal account, can I still purchase online?

A. Yes, I will still send you the Paypal Invoice in the same way, but this does not mean that you need a Paypal account as payments can be made using a Credit or Debit card through their service. I would recommend that you see the Paypal website for more details on this at https://www.paypal.com/

Q. I don't have a Paypal account or a Credit Card, can I still purchase a painting?

A. Yes. You actually have two other ways to purchase a painting. If you are local or close to the Brighton area of Sussex, you are welcome to view any painting and can pay for it in cash. Alternatively if you are within the U.K. you can purchase a painting by cheque, made payable to Gavin Thorpe.

Q. If I purchase a painting, will it be framed?

A. I always write "No need for framing. Sides painted in Deep Black" next to the size dimensions of the Canvas. This just simply means that the edges are painted in a Black Acrylic paint and allows for the painting to be immediately hung, rather than requiring a frame. If you wish for the painting to be framed, that will be your responsibility as I do not supply frames. All artworks will be strung before dispatch and will be sent with appropriate fixings and hanging cord already attached. No additional costs will be added to the final price for this service. Panel paintings on card, board, wood and canvas paper will always be sent as they are, so additional framing and display needs may be required.

Q. How much is Postage & Packing?

A. Postage and packing costs will vary depending on your location, the size or the artwork and how far it may have to travel, so additional postage costs may be added to the final price of the painting. I can't say specifically how much this will be as each painting weighs differently and obviously it costs more to send a painting to countries further away than those that are closer. Please email legavthorpe@ymail.com if you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings on this website. If you live outside the U.K. just send me an email and I will provide you with the delivery charges based on your location.

Q. How long is the delivery of a Painting?

A. This greatly depends on your location or where the painting is being sent. Normally deliveries withing the U.K. shouldn't take more than between 3-4 days but usually arrive before then. For those outside the U.K. it varies so it can sometimes take about 1 week or in some cases up to 3 weeks. 

Q. Can I purchase and pick up a painting in person?

A. Yes. If you close to the Brighton area of Sussex, you are welcome to pick-up or view any painting in person. If this is something you would like to do, please email me before hand to arrange a time and date. You then have the opportunity to still pay for the painting via Paypal or by Cash.

Q. Can I return or exchange a painting?

A. All paintings are returnable and a full refund will be given, providing that the painting is still in the original condition that it arrived to you in. The painting must also be properly and safely packaged for transit back to me. If you wish to exchange a painting for another of the same price, that is also possible. As long as the original painting is still in it's original condition. Please note that if you wish to do either of these, the cost of returning the original painting and sending the new one to you, will be charged to you.

Q. What if the painting that I've ordered never arrives or is damaged during transit?

A. If you never receive the painting after a reasonable duration of time or you receive it damaged, contact me immediately and I will offer a full refund.

Q. What size are these paintings?

A. The paintings featured on this site are in a variety of different size ranging from 6" X 4" to 20" X 28". If you want to arrange a commission painting this can be on any size that you wish, providing that it is a standard canvas size.

Q. Do you paint Nudes?

A. No. I do not paint people who are Nude or Naked in any way. My painting style is saucy and fun, but never obscene nor indecent. I will NOT paint anything that is insulting, rude, illegal, pornographic or sexually explicit any way.

Q. Do you paint Celebrity Figures?

A. Yes, sometimes it's a bit more obvious than other times. For instance the sandal in the painting You're In My Shoe Again! is based on Marilyn Monroe's from The Seven Year Itch.
But I do try to also try to avoid infringing any copyright laws.

Q. Can you paint a commission piece?

A. Yes, this can most certainly be arranged to any specification to suit your requirements. I only ask that all images do belong to you and do not infringe any copyright laws. I will not paint anything that is insulting, rude, illegal, pornographic or sexually explicit
And of course all paintings come with or without a little man, that can be added to any painting if desired.
Just send me your ideas!

Q. Can you personalise a painting?

A. Yes, I can put a name in the title or a message on the back, as long as that person gives their permission to use their name in writing.

Q. How long does each painting take to create?

A. It varies from one painting to the next, but it usually takes about 7-14 days from start to finish.

Q. Are the photos on this site true representations of the genuine paintings?

A. The paintings on this site may not represent the painting in it's true quality. As with all photos and images on the Internet, most images are of a low quality to allow for betting web surfing and Internet searching. If you are interested in a painting featured on this site or would like a better quality image, please email me and I will take new photographs and send you the images in a higher definition and quality. To avoid illegal reproductions of these paintings, I will need to know that you are interested in purchasing the painting before retaking any photograph.

Q. Can you include text, such as a speech bubble for the little man in a painting?
A. I don't usually but I might do, it very much depends on the painting. Some commission pieces may have additional text apart from the title, date and signature if that's preferred.

Q. Do you paint other things besides legs, feet and shoes?

A. No. I do only paint the legs, feet and shoes, but I do also create paintings with a shrunken man, hands, high heels, stockings, boots and so on, but never a whole of a person.

Q. What is the style of your painting?

A. The style and theme of these paintings is usually described as Partialism, which is basically a method of painting things only in part or that are always incomplete. I have written more about this on the page Partialist Painting

Q. Why do you use the name L. E. Gav Thorpe and what does it mean?

A. My actual name is just simply Gavin Thorpe. But the name L. E. Gav Thorpe was coined in 2008 when I once filled out a form and wrote my birthday 11th November just in front of my name. From that point, I was given the nickname Legs Eleven Gavin and it stuck. During 2010 when I started painting legs, feet and shoes, I kept this name, but just abbreviated it to L. E. Gav Thorpe.

Q. What's your background in Art and Painting?

A. I never have undertaken any training in traditional Art or Painting and am completely self taught as an artist, however I have been trained as a commercial artist specialising in Image Manipulation, Advertising, Marketing, and Commercial Art. For more information on myself and my skills in painting see the page Who is L. E. Gav Thorpe?

Q. I would like to get in touch, how can I contact you?

A. You can contact me in a couple of ways.

By Email: legavthorpe@ymail.com
By Tweet: @legavthorpe

Q. Does anyone famous own your work?

A. As of 2014, my work is owned by the singer and songwriter Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta), the erotic author and poet Paris Grey, the model Natalia Secret and the artist and designer Roger Braimon. It has also been featured in The Daily Mirror, Sussex Express, Sparkling Stars magazine and on BBC TV and Radio.

Q. Why are you an Artist?

A. Because I enjoy being one.

Q. Do you only paint or do you make other creative things?

A. I am mainly an oil painter, but during the times in between painting I do like to write fun poems, limericks and short stories, which are of a similar theme and subject to my artwork.
There are some examples of these poems on the page Why Legs, Feet and Shoes?

Q. Why don't you have the names of those that you have quoted for some quotes on the Reviews and Comments page?

A. The only reason that I don't include the names of those that I have quoted in the lower section of the page is due to respecting the privacy of such people and due to certain copyright reasons. Most of the quotes are taken from emails that I have received, comments on certain art based websites or taken from conversations that I have had with people in person.
However if you would like me to include your details, please provide me with the information and the consent to do so.

To submit a comment please email it to legavthorpe@ymail.com.

Q. Is the 'Shrunken Man' based on you?

A. No, not intentionally. But a lot of people seem to think so.