L. E. Gav Thorpe
'Feetured' in
The Daily Mirror

Today, Wednesday 1st July, 2015 the British national newspaper The Daily Mirror have followed up on my last two articles about my artworks of women's legs, feet and shoes and featured me again. You might recall that I was last featured in The Daily Mirror on Wednesday 7th August 2013 (in the article Leg art feetures in an exhibition) and previous to that on Wednesday 15th August 2012 (in the article Give Me A Leg-Up).

This time the article was made the main feature of page 43 and had a great title of:

'My Leg Artwork is now Running Hot'

On Wednesday 1st July, 2015 the British national newspaper featured L. E. Gav ThorpeThis photo of me that they have published, was again one of those taken from the same hour long professional photo-shoot that I did on 25th July 2012, with a selection of all of my current paintings at that time. The photographer who I worked with for this was Mike Moore and the article was again written and edited by Charlotte Raynsford.

I'm sorry to say that at the moment The Daily Mirror haven't yet made this article available online, however I have scanned a copy of the article for you, so you can read here.

Also, you can still read the first article that The Daily Mirror published in 2012 online at: http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/personal-finance/financial-advice-for-struggling-artists-and-personal-1271128