L. E. Gav Thorpe in
Your County

http://www.yourcountyeastsussex.co.uk/features/legs-feet-lewes/">www.yourcountyeastsussex.co.uk/features/legs-feet-lewesOn Wednesday 29th October 2014, The East Sussex County Council published an article about my paintings of legs, feet and shoes in Your County and also reported on my recent success throughout the East Sussex county as well around the world.

The article is available to read online at www.yourcountyeastsussex.co.uk/features/legs-feet-lewes  and has the fun title of


 It features the image of the painting above
'The Ties That Bind'

and the image below
'The Life of the Shrunken Man'

Here is an extract from the article, that was written and created by the East Sussex County Council communications team and the Your County editor Amy Hutson:

Lewes artist L. E. Gav Thorpe is known for his paintings of legs and feet.
His distinctive works have been used to support various charities, such as Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Visual AIDS. Your County caught up with the artist to discuss his work.

Where do you get your inspiration for the art?

Inspiration for paintings can come from several places. Sometimes an idea just comes to mind or it can be inspired by something I have seen on the TV, or in the newspapers or magazines. In some cases, ideas have come from people that I’ve seen and the type of shoes or clothes they are wearing, that can suddenly bring an idea to mind.

I paint the legs and feet where many of the works that I create feature high heels and stockings, however I have have gained far more popularity for including in my works a small man, very often found to be in difficult or comedic situations. My main aim is to create artworks that are full of mystery, enticement and intrigue through having a degree of anonymity and to present this with a modern twist, to create a look which is both fun and saucy.

How often do you create new works?  

I generally am working on paintings most days and usually complete artworks within a few weeks, however it greatly varies on the complexity or simplicity of the image. In most cases the size of a canvas doesn’t affect the overall time it takes to complete a piece, but commissions can take a little longer.

Your County is 24 page magazine published four times a year and produced by the East Sussex County Council communications team. With news, interviews, photographs and competitions, Your County is a magazine about the services that the ESCC provide and the people who live and work in the East Sussex area.

Editor Amy Hutson,
Your County Communications
East Sussex County Council
County Hall
St Anne’s Crescent
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I also wanted to add this article, which was written by the Nevill Parish Pump correspondent David Sale and printed in the Sussex Express on 31st October 2014:

"NEVILL ACCOMPLISHMENT: The following is a write-up from our Nevill artist Gavin: I have some great news and wanted to tell you that the New York based charity Visual AIDS are using my artworks to front their upcoming Postcards From The Edge show. This exhibition takes place at different galleries throughout New York, USA and exhibit hundreds of 4” X 6” postcard sized paintings, helping those suffering with HIV or AIDS. Last year, I submitted a painting titled Inspection featuring a little man wearing a gas mask, looking at a woman’s fish-netted foot and this was purchased, within the first hour of the show opening, by the American artist Roger Emmett Braimon. This painting has been selected to front this show, which you can see at the top of the Visual AIDS website at https://www.visualaids.org/"