L. E. Gav Thorpe in
BikinyGirls - Bikini and Fetish GIRLS

In the November issue of the brand new Czech magazine Bikini and Fetish GIRLS, eighteen of my artworks have been featured in a 12- page article documenting my individual style and technique of painting the legs, feet and shoes. 

Bikini and Fetish GIRLS is an online monthly emagazine, created by BikinyGirls.cz and is the first and only official magazine featuring exclusively Czech and Slovak artistic galleries, interviews with models, fetish performers and dozens of professionally taken photos. The magazine explores foot and shoe fetishism.

The feature below was created by the Bikini and Fetish GIRLS chief editor Marketa Musilova.

Here is the 12 featured pages from the 11/2014 issue of Bikini and Fetish GIRLS.

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Please note that the full edition of this eMagazine may include sexually explicit material.

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