So, Why L. E. Gav Thorpe?

Over the past few months I've been asked some questions that were quite humorous and interesting, so here I have shared a few with you that were quite fun...

What's the strangest thing you've been asked to paint?

I've been asked by many to paint their legs or base paintings on them. But by far the strangest thing I was asked, was from a woman in the US who wanted me to create a painting with her husband being squashed by her foot inside her high heels.
She told me that she loved the painting Don't Squash Me! that has a little man hiding inside the back of a shoe, but would like to see him being squashed inside (I never did know why she wanted him to be her husband!) Unfortunately due to different unforeseen circumstances the painting never was created, but the idea did inspire the painting So, What Happened To Your Boyfriend?

Who is the little man?

The little man isn't really based on anyone in particular but is just an anonymous figure that I suppose could be anyone that you preferred.
A lot of people have suggested that this man is a self portrait of myself that I am including in images along with giant fantasy women, but I can definitely say that this isn't true.   

Where do you designs for shoes come from?
It's a funny things to say, but I am quite a fan of women's shoes.
With some paintings I tend to do a lot of researching into different styles to suit the image, which usually brings about new challenges.

Who's legs and feet are these of? 

This is question I get asked a lot. But most of the paintings are supposed to be anonymous allowing the idea for people to believe that these legs and feet could belong to anyone. This obviously doesn't apply to commission paintings, which have been based on specific photos.

Are you on Facebook?

I do hold a Twitter account @legavthorpe but I am not on Facebook. This is only because I much prefer using Twitter.
If you have seen or do ever see a Facebook account that is either in my name or using any of my photos, please do report it to the Facebook team or to me, because it will most likely be a fake account and a scam.