L. E. Gav Thorpe in
The Sussex Express

On Friday 26th September 2014, the British Sussex newspaper The Sussex Express featured an article of my paintings of legs, feet and shoes and the success of which I had at the 2014 Artwave festival in Lewes.

The article was featured on page 18 of the newspaper and was given the fun title of

Hotfoot to Gavin's exhibition.

Featured in Sussex Express on 26th September 2014

 It was printed with this image of the painting
'Race For Freedom'

Here is a extract from the article, which was reported by Samantha Clark and was written by Susan King:

‘Fun and saucy’ sleek legs, silk-clad feet and stunning high heels are among the original subjects of artworks by an internationally recognised Lewes painter, which featured in the recent Lewes Artwave Festival. 

Gavin Thorpe, 26, from the Nevill Estate is celebrating success in the Festival where artlovers flocked to buy his strong and colourful works.
He has created artworks for collectors in France, England, the USA and Germany. For this year’s Artwave, he exhibited 12 paintings at the Paddock Art Studios, visited by more than 1000 people. When he invigilated the exhibition on the afternoon of Sunday, August 24, he met 144 individuals from the UK, Germany and France. From this show, he picked up commissions from different people and also received brilliant feedback and comments.

Gavin’s technique and use of colour reminds many of his customers of the works of David Hockney.

For those of you that missed this article or live outside the Sussex region, the Sussex Express has made the article available for those to read online at their website at: http://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/county-news/hotfoot-to-gavin-s-art-exhibition-in-lewes-1-6320698

I also wanted to add this which was written by Parish Pump correspondent David Sale and printed in the Sussex Express on 19th September 2014:

"ARTWAVE: The following is an excerpt from Nevill resident Gavin Thorpe from his exhibition at The Paddock studios: In total nearly 1,000 people visited the studios and when I invigilated the exhibition on Sunday afternoon, I met 144 people that had come from all around the UK. Some had even come from Germany and France. I picked up a number of commissions from several people and also received some great feedback and comments, such as ‘brilliantly painted and what a great idea’, ‘Magnifique’ and ‘they’re excellent and very very different’. What a result, well done Gavin."