It's the annual Paddock Art Studios Artwave exhibition

On Saturday the 23rd August 2014 it is the beginning and the opening of the annual Paddock Art Studios exhibition as part of the Artwave festival in Lewes, East Sussex, England.

"The Artwave festival is the Lewes district’s huge annual arts festival spreading from and including Ditchling, Firle, Chailey, Seaford and Newhaven as well as the town of Lewes. It brings together the best established and emerging artists from across the region and takes place in a variety of venues, beginning 23rd August and finally closing on Sunday 7th September 2014."
  - From the Artwave website www.artwavefestival.org

The Paddock Studios are owned and run by the Lewes and District Visual Arts Association (The LADVAA, which I became a member of in February of 2013) and is situated at The Paddock Art Studios, Paddock Lane, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1TW.

The exhibition will begin with a preview show on Friday 22nd August and will run for the whole Artwave festival through to 7th September 2014. During the festival you can also reach Paddock Art Studios via the Con Club, 139 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1XS www.lewesconclub.com.

The Studios in Lewes were originally built during the late 1700's as a stable block for the Haywards Heath
stagecoach company. By 1946 the building had become derelict through being left unused, but was purchased by Cecil Heathfield who was an Art Adviser for the local town area. He transformed the building it into a studio and gallery, that still remains to this day. After his death in 1969, the building was once again left abandoned and neglected. It wasn't until a committee of trustees joined forces and formed the Lewes and District Visual Arts Association, who took over and still own and manage the building to this very day.

The artworks that I am exhibiting this year are -

A woman wearing black courts stepping out of a New York yellow taxi cab
Sale Price - £249

A woman putting on some very high pink heels
Sale Price - £120

A woman wearing blue crystal encrusted high heeled shoes
Sale Price - £129

A woman's feet wearing black sandals
Sale Price - £40

A man begging for forgivness after spilling red paint on a woman's shoes
Sale Price - £40 

A shrunken man pulling a cord that is wrapped around a woman's heels
Sale Price - £40
A shrunken man on a bicycle riding for freedom away from a woman wearing blue heels
Sale Price - £40

A shrunken man massaging a woman's feet
Sale Price - £40

A shrunken and exercising by pushing up and down a woman's foot
Sale Price - £40

Two shrunken men escaping from a woman's shoe
Wait For Me
Sale Price - £40
A woman's feet wearing red sandals
Sale Price - £40
A woman who has broken her heel off in a crack in the pavement
Sale Price - £40

The exhibition opens on the 23rd August 2014 at 11am and is open on the following dates thereafter 24th August, 25th August, 30th August, 31st August and then on the 6th September and comes to a close at 5pm on 7th September. The preview show is on 22nd August from 6 to 8pm.

Opening times are between 11:00am to 5:00pm on each of the dates above.  

Entry is free and all of the works of art above will be for sale.

You will also be able to meet me personally at the Studios on Sunday 24th August 2014, between 2pm and 5pm, where you can ask me any questions.
Hopefully I'll see you there!

Map of the Paddock Art Studios in Lewes, East Sussex

Further details about the Paddock Art Studios can be found at www.paddockartstudios.co.uk.

Paddock Art Studios
Paddock Lane
East Sussex
01273 483000

Added on Thursday 11th September 2014

The 2014 Artwave exhibition at the Paddock Art Studios was a great success. More than a 1000 people came to see the many artworks (paintings, drawings and sculptures) that were on display throughout the two weeks and three weekends of the festival.

I would like to say a big Thank You! to all of those who came on Sunday 24th August between 2 to 5pm. In total I met 144 people that had come from all around the UK and also from Germany and France!

This is just a sample of what great comments I received from those who visited the studios.

"Brilliantly painted and what a great idea!"
"Very different."
"What great fun artworks!"
"Very Colourful and bright! Stands out from the others"
 "They're great and different!"

Although I never sold any of the paintings that were at the exhibition, I did receive a number of commissions and possibilities from several people.