Race For Freedom

A shrunken man racing away on a bicycle from a giant woman wearing blue court shoes.
Title: Race For Freedom
Date: 2014
Size: 11.8" X 5.7" (30cm X 14.6cm) Horizontal Canvas Sheet
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Price: £49

CREATED FOR The Art Moves Festival for a printed version to be used as a Billboard Art Display in Torun, Poland

But the original version was PREVIOUSLY DISPLAYED at the Paddock Art Studios for the Artwave Festival in Lewes, East Sussex, England

This is another painting that has been made, so that printed copies can be used at The Art Moves Festival. The Art Moves Festival use billboards in an innovative way by changing their function to use them not to present advertisements, but to rather showcase moving and thought-provoking art. A great emphasis is made to deepen people's thinking, and to raise their awareness of other different perspectives and views.
The festival encourages both artists and the audience to take a good look at themselves and the surrounding world and then ask themselves what is reality today in this rapidly changing economic, social and technological world.

The idea is to use contemporary “walls” that are characteristic for our modern urban landscape, by using both standard billboards, enormous mega-billboards, mobile billboards and electronic street screens.

This years theme is 'More or Less Freedom' and asks what exactly is freedom? Is freedom still a word of great value. In history man has achieved great and wonderful, but also tragic things in the name of freedom. When we have it, we do not notice it and when we do, we take it for granted. So, what does that mean freedom is? Is freedom essential to life today? Does it have limits? Can other people limit our own freedom? Is freedom for some just an excuse to justify ones own selfish behaviour?

The festival takes place from 1st September through to 7th October 2014 in Torun, Poland.

More information on the Art Moves Festival can be found at

+48 604967852
Torun, Poland

The original of this painting is still for sale

The original version of this painting is to be exhibited for the 2014 Artwave festival, at The Paddock Art Studios, Paddock Lane, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1TW.

The exhibition opens on the 23rd August 2014 at 11am and is open on the following dates thereafter 24th August, 25th August, 30th August, 31st August and then on the 6th September and comes to a close at 5pm on 7th September.

Opening times are between 11:00am to 5:00pm on each of those dates above.

Please see the page It's the annual Paddock Art Studios Artwave exhibition for more details.