Wrong Turn

A woman's foot about to step on a small man

Title: Wrong Turn
Date: 2013
Size: 6" X 6" (15.27cm X 15.27cm) Canvas Sheet
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Now OWNED by a Private art collector, Rochester, New York, U.S.A.

This painting titled Wrong Turn is due to be exhibited at the 6x6x2014 RoCo exhibition at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in New York, USA. The exhibition will take place between June 7th through to July 13th 2014, with a large opening party at 6pm on June 7th.

The address for the exhibition is: Rochester Contemporary Art Center, 137 East Avenue, Rochester, NY, 14604, U.S.A.

The gallery exhibition will open (but only for previewing) on June 2nd and will remain open till June 6th. Sales will then begin on June 7th from 7:30 pm starting with the Buyer's Choice Raffle. Buying will then be open to all once the Buyer's Choice Raffle ends. The 6x6x2014 Online Gallery will be open for previewing starting from May 23rd and global online purchasing will begin June 10th from 10am at http://www.roco6x6.org/6x6x2014_intro.php.
"Rochester Contemporary Art Center's (RoCo), international small art phenomenon returns for the 6th year! An incredible exhibition of thousands of artworks made by celebrities, international & local artists, designers, college students, and youths. Each artwork is 6x6 square inches (15cm) or mounted to a 6x6 board, signed only on the back, and exhibited anonymously. All entries are for sale to the public for $20 each (in the gallery and online for global purchasing) to benefit RoCo. Artist names will be revealed to the buyer upon purchase and all artworks remain on display through July 13, 2014. Sold Out artists' names will be revealed next to their work online on July 4. Please visit the Online Gallery, find your favorite artworks, click "Add to Cart" and help support our thoughtful contemporary art programming for the 2014 - 15 season. Thank you for your generous support!" -www.roco6x6.org

Please see the Rochester Contemporary Art Center's website for more information at http://www.roco6x6.org