She Acts Like Gaga

A painting of Lady Gaga's Boots and legs

Title: She Acts Like Gaga
Date: 2013
Size: 8.2" X 11.6" (21cm X 29.7cm) A4 Canvas Sheet
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Price: £49.00

Now owned by Lady Gaga
You may remember that back in March of this year, I created a painting on canvas paper with the title She's Back for Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta).

That painting proved to be so extremely popular, that as a result I decided to create a follow-up painting which could relate to that image, but that could also still remain an individual painting in it's own right and would make a great gift for any fan or Monster of Lady Gaga.

This is again painted on an A4 canvas sheet.