Round & Round

A woman wearing high heels with a ribbon wrapped around her foot

Title: Round & Round
Date: 2012
Size: 10" X 6" (25.4cm X 15.2cm) Pine wood Board
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Price: £49.00

This painting Round & Round is another painted on a 10 X 6 X 3/4 inch Pine wood board. Once again similar to how I presented Naked Soles, I've provided further images below to show the different angles.

After the last painting I did like this (which was Naked Soles) I received numerous questions about the quality of the wood panels that I paint on and if this in any way this might affect the quality of the painting.
The wood panels which I paint on are solid Pine wood boards 3/4 inch thick and free from knots and well seasoned to avoid the possibility of splitting or cracking. Before any paint is applied to these boards they are treated and properly primed, so there should never be any risk of any possible damage to these paintings related to the condition of the panel.

Left side
Back side
Right side