Naked Soles

A woman's bare naked soles of her feet

Title: Naked Soles
Date: 2012
Size: 10" X 6" (25.4cm X 15.2cm) Pine wood Board
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe 

Price: £49.00

After the success of the painting Go Ahead, Stiff! I just had to create another painting of the soles of the feet. But this time have bare or naked feet rather than stockings or nylons.
This painting is a little different than the others since it's painted on a 10 X 6 X 3/4 inch Pine wood board. I've provided further images below to show this. I think the wood grain on the top, side and back provide a great effect, almost giving the illusion that it already is framed, plus allowing for the painting to be hung as it is, rather than requiring a frame.
I would recommend when hanging, it would be better to place two small hooks or eyelets in the top and have a cord looped between. But as you can see, I've left it plain since some people like to have paintings like this standing free on a bookcase or desk.  

Left/ Back side
Back side
Front/ right side