Answer Time - Q & A

Femme Fatale
Every so often people ask me questions about these paintings and as time has gone by, I've noticed that the same questions seem to pop-up over and over. So I thought it might be a good idea to gather these questions together and create a post to share all of these answers with you to.

Please also remember that you are more than welcome to contact me by email if you have any other questions at legavthorpe@ymail.com.

Q. Are your paintings for sale and if so how much do you sell them for?

A. Yes, all of these paintings are for sale and can be purchase online. The price for each of these paintings may be different because of the differences in size, quality, complexity and so on, so please email me if you are interested in purchasing any artwork on this website.
Any painting that has already been sold will be marked NOW OWNED by whoever it may be, after where the price is displayed.

Q. Do you accept suggestions for paintings?

A. Yes I do. I usually like to use photos and images as a kind of guide which I then base each painting on, but some are ideas that i've dreamt up. But any ideas and suggestions are always welcome. I have on a few occasions painted someone who specifically wanted there legs, shoes or even feet to be painted, so at that time had to use a photo (or several photos) as a template, but this is always done with their full consent. I do not use copyrighted content.

Q. Why do you use the name L. E. Gav Thorpe and what does it mean?

A. My actual name is simply Gavin Thorpe. But the name L. E. Gav Thorpe was coined during 2008 when I once filled out a form and had to write my birthday 11th November just in front of my name. After handing the form in, I was given the nickname Legs Eleven Gavin and it stuck with me. Then during 2010 when I started painting legs, feet and shoes, I kept this name, but just abbreviated it to L. E. Gav Thorpe.

Q. Do you paint other things besides legs, feet and shoes?

A. No, not usually. I do only paint the legs, feet and shoes, usually of women. But I do like to also create pictures with a tiny shrunken man, submissive men, hands, high heels, stockings and so on, but never a whole person. For more information about this - please see my page Why legs, feet and shoes?

Q. I take it, you're a leg man?

A. I guess so. I have always found women's legs an attractive part of their body. With the smooth feminine lines, then boldly painted nails and high heels and stockings, it all becomes highly captivating. Plus there's a theory that the legs and feet are also a symbol of feminine strength, and I do paint dominant women and the more submissive man.