Pink Ribbon

A woman wearing nylon hold ups with black high heels and a pink ribbon wrapped around her legs

Title: Pink Ribbon
Date: 2012
Size: 18" X 24" (45.7cm X 60.9cm) Deep Edge Canvas - No need for framing. Sides painted in Deep Black.
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Price: £299.00

This painting is a little different than others that I've painted, because I usually like to paint more dominant women and submissive men. But I quite like the idea of this picture because of the possibilities. With the title 'Pink Ribbon' I thought that perhaps it could make the picture more abstract. In other words, it could just be a simple bondage picture or perhaps the woman is trying to make herself more appealing by wrapping herself in a pink ribbon like a gift or present?