Monday, February 16, 2015

Wait, I'll Call For a Plumber!

A small man trying to help a woman with her toe caught in a tap/ faucet

Title: Wait, I'll Call For a Plumber!
Date: 2015
Size: 8.2" X 11.6" (21cm X 29.7cm) A4 Canvas Sheet
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Wait, I'll Call For a Plumber!

What can this little guy do to help
this poor girl with her toe caught in a tap?

Monday, February 02, 2015

Oops, Sorry!

Title: Oops, Sorry!
Date: 2015
Size: 12" X 16" (30.4cm X 40.6cm) Canvas Panel/ Board
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Price: £69.00

Do you think this woman has accidentally stepped on and squashed this small shrunken man?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Visual AIDS' Postcards From the Edge
Friday, January 30th 2015

Visual AIDS' Postcards From The Edge show in New York, USA
This Friday 30th January 2015 is the opening of the Postcards From The Edge exhibition all in support of Visual AIDS.

Visual AIDS uses all of the proceeds that are made from the sale of 4" X 6" postcard style paintings to help those who are suffering from HIV and AIDS and to prevent others from this contacting this terrible disease.

"It's time to plan your weekend now - and make some extra room on your walls - for NYC's most popular art event of the year! At Postcards from the Edge, the artwork is displayed anonymously, and the artist's name revealed only after purchase. All postcard artworks are $85 each (less than a round of cocktails - give or take a martini). It's first-come, first-served, but with over 1600 works on display, you'll find something you love - while supporting the programs of Visual AIDS."

The 4" X 6" painting that I am exhibiting at PFTE is 

Oh No!.

A small man being stepped on by a woman's foot.

Visual AIDS' Postcards From The Edge show in New York, USA"Visual AIDS was founded in 1988 to address the devastation of the AIDS crises on the arts community. Visual AIDS strives to represent a diversity of voices along the HIV spectrum by presenting exhibitions, public events, publications and artist projects to raise AIDS awareness and provoke dialogue... we are poised to contemplate the deep history of art activism, examine current relationships between HIV and art, and position future conversations that are public, inclusive, and accessible"

Visual AIDS' Postcards From The Edge show in New York, USA"Postcards From The Edge is the beloved community benefit for Visual AIDS. Over 1300 original, postcard-sized works are donated by renowned and emerging artists. All works are sold for $85 each - the creative twist is all works are displayed anonymously and the artist's name is only revealed after purchase. Whether you walk away with a piece created by a famous artist or discover someone new, everyone finds something they love at Postcards from the Edge, while supporting the important programs of Visual AIDS."

All quotations are taken from http://www.visualaids.org

The Preview Party
Friday January 30th 2015 with a VIP Preview from 5 to 8pm ($50 VIP admission). 
This is the only opportunity to see the entire exhibition in full and view all exhibited works.

The Postcards from the Edge Benefit Sale
Saturday January 31st January 2015 from 10am to 6pm and Sunday February 1st from 12pm to 4pm (each artwork sold for $85 US).
The Benefit Sale is a first-come, first served. Artist's name is revealed only after purchase.
Cash, check or credit card (MC, VISA or AMEX) are all accepted.

The exhibition takes place at Luhring Augustine, 531 West 24th Street, New York, New York, 10011, USA.

Further details on all of Visual AIDS work can be found at www.visualaids.org and more details on the Luhring Augustine gallery at www.luhringaugustine.com.

Or you can contact the Visual AIDS team at:

Visual AIDS, 526 West 26th St., #510, New York, NY, 10001, USA.
(212) 627-9855


Added on Thursday 5th February 2015

The 2015 Postcards from the Edge was fantastic and a massive success, where more than 1,500  people came to see the 1,662 artworks that were on display.

I'm very pleased to say that Oh No! has sold and was purchased and is now owned by a private collector in New Jersey, USA, who wishes to remain anonymous. Shortly after the show, she sent me an email to say how pleased she was with the painting and how she couldn't wait to frame it as she really loved the exciting bold colours and the simplicity and concept of the foot and the shrunken man.

Before the show started on Saturday there was a line of people right down the block waiting for the doors to Luhring Augustine to open. When the doors finally did at 10am, there was a huge rush!
Below are some photos that were taken during Friday's Preview show and of the many people waiting outside in freezing temperatures on the Saturday morning before the sale began.

Left: Many people came on the preview night to see the many artworks on display.

Right: Waiting outside in the freezing cold to make the first purchase.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Them, These or Those

A woman sitting on a seat trying on different shoes, sandals and heels

Title: Them, These or Those
Date: 2015
Size: 10" X 12" (25.4cm X 30.5cm) Deep Edge Canvas - No need for framing. Sides painted in Deep Black.
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Price: £69.00

A close up of the painting Them, These or Those by L. E. Gav Thorpe

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jacksonville, Florida Footnight™ Party on 3rd January 2015

On Saturday 3rd January 2015 several of my artworks were used at the Footnight Party in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Large prints were mounted, where some were auctioned off and another is now hanging in the dressing room of the Footnight Party studio in Jacksonville.

The Footnight Party was all done in a Hawaiian theme with beautiful foot models wearing high heels, pantihose or just showing off their bare naked feet.

It started on Saturday 3rd at 7pm at Studio 3H, 700 E Union Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32206, USA and was all organised by the female muscle model Kat Connors.

"The Jacksonville Footnight™ Parties bring together the best Florida foot models for a night of Foot Fun; Worship to Jacksonville!"

Here are a couple of photos of  Kat Connors and her friend holding two of the prints (Pretty Feet and Put Yourself in her Shoes) at the Jacksonville Footnight™ Party on Jan 3rd 2015.

Kat Connors and her friend holding two of the prints (Pretty Feet and Put Yourself in her Shoes) at the Jacksonville Footnight™ Party on Jan 3rd 2015
Kat Connors holding two of the prints (Pretty Feet and Put Yourself in her Shoes) at the Jacksonville Footnight™ Party on Jan 3rd 2015

"Footnight™ International is one of the world’s leading providers of live and online foot fetish content and have become internationally recognized as the #1 foot party scene in the US and Canada! For more detailed information about Footnight™, Footnight™ events, the Footnight™ Models and more please visit http://www.footnight.com"

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Oh Santa, You Shouldn't Have!

Santa giving a giant woman wearing striped red and white socks a gift for Christmas.

Title: Oh Santa, You Shouldn't Have!
Date: 2014
Size: 12" X 16" (30.4cm X 40.6cm) Canvas Panel/ Board
Medium: Oil
Artist: L. E. Gav Thorpe

Price: £69.00


Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santa painted by L. E. Gav Thorpe Merry Christmas 

Have a wonderful time and I
would like to wish everyone a
very happy Christmas
Red Christmas heels painted by L. E. Gav Thorpe